Get the Look: Chrissy Teigen's Grammy Awards "French Girl" Bob

Chrissy Teigen rocked the red carpet at the 2024 Grammy Awards in a flower-inspired Sophie Couture minidress and bouncy, French girl-inspired bob.

The style "is an ode to the modern and classic French-girl hair," says Teigen's stylist, Irinel de León. "Chrissy’s hair is currently in a bob which is a trend we’re seeing a lot of lately. We wanted it to look very feminine by incorporating natural textures.

"Since the dress is a little playful, we wanted the hair to feel similar. It also encompasses some of her natural texture which is super popular.”

Chrissy Teigen's French-girl bob hairstyle at the 2024 Grammy Awards

The Products 

  • Olaplex Nº. 6 Bond Smoother 
  • Olaplex Nº.7 Bonding Oil 
  • Olaplex Volumizing Blow Dry Mist 
  • Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer & styling concentrator attachment
  • Balmain Texturizing Hairspray

“Hair prep makes the biggest difference in the finish of the hair," says the celebrity stylist. That’s why it’s important to use products like the No. 6 Bond Smoother for moisture, hold, and frizz protection and the Volumizing Blow Dry Mist."

The Style

1.  "I prepped Chrissy’s damp pair with the Olaplex Nº. 6 Bond Smoother to reduce frizz and flyaways on the carpet. I focused mainly on mids to end and combed through for even distribution."

2. “Next, I used the Volumizing Blow Dry Mist on the roots and ends for added lift, volume, and heat protection."

3. “Then, I blow-dried the hair with a 1 1/2” boar-bristle round brush and the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer and concentrator attachment. I made sure to lift the air up from the route for extra body and volume."

4. “After blow-drying each section, I set the hair in 1.5-inch Velcro rollers and secured it with a duck-bill clip. I left the hair set and rollers for 10-15 minutes and released."

5. “Next, I sprayed the hair with Balmain Texturizing Hairspray throughout for extra body and volume."

6. “Then finished the style with Olaplex Nº.7 Bonding Oil and scrunched oil into the end of the hair to mold the ends into the shape I wanted them to sit in.”

Chrissy Teigen's French-girl bob hairstyle at the 2024 Grammy Awards