Beauty Pros Snatched Up These Products & Tools at IBS-LV '24

They came, they saw, they got a load of the special event pricing, and they BOUGHT.

At the recent industry-only International Beauty Show in Las Vegas, beauty/ grooming professionals and business owners explored hundreds of exhibitors offering the latest and greatest at steep industry-only discounts.

Exhibitors reported brisk sales, but some products moved faster than others. Here are 12 of the top items that industry insiders scooped up right away.


Hair Care


Royal Treatment Professional Line

IBS-Las Vegas 2024: CHI's best-selling products


Salon owners and independents hit up the CHI booth early and often to restock their shelves with the Royal Treatment Professional line (a repeat of the collection’s performance during the New York edition of the International Beauty Show earlier this year).


Hair Color


Eclipse Charcoal Powder Lightener

IBS-Las Vegas: best-selling Luminae product

Stylists begged for a powder version of Luminae’s best-selling Eclipse Charcoal Crème Lightener, and the brand delivered. This ultra-lightening, toning and cooling product has all the benefits of the creamy version, and can lift even the most resistant color up to 9+ levels.


Hair Extensions


16” Halo Extensions

IBS-LV 2024 best-selling products by Halocouture

Halocouture’s signature halo extensions got all the love in Vegas, as stylists swear by their quality, durability, easy application, and gentleness to natural hair. Though all lengths sold in both original and layered versions, the 16” halo had the most movement.




Chain Bracelets

IBS-LV 2024 best-selling products by Sunstone Permanent Jewelry
IBS-LV 2024 best-selling products by Sunstone Permanent Jewelry

Eventgoers mobbed Sunstone’s booth to learn how to use the permanent jewelry welders in their own shops. They also snagged plenty of forever chains for themselves, with bracelets the most popular option.  




ProMade 2.0 Lashes

IBS-LV 2024 best-selling products by Paris Lash Academy - PLA

Launched just days before the show, the Paris Lash Academy’s Promade 2.0 fan extensions drew excited buyers. Their patent-pending Wrapping Technology leaves the base unbonded, so the extension can wrap around the natural lash for more flexibility, less adhesive, and A+ retention.




Micro Retractable Eye Liners

Makeup fans love the waterproof, smudgeproof precision of Rude’s Micro Retractable Eye Liners, and went nuts for the bold, pigmented colors of its City of Flashing Lights collection.  

IBS-LV 2024 best-selling products by Rude Cosmetics




CBS Builder in a Bottle Hard Gels

IBS-LV 2024 best-selling products by En Vogue Nails

With its soft-gel flexibility and hard-gel toughness, En Vogue’s CBS Builder in a Bottle Collection proved a hit among nail artists who specialize in sculpting.


Solid Cream Gel Palettes

IBS-LV 2024 best-selling products by Gelish

After Gelish introduced its new cream gel palettes on social media just before the International Beauty Show, nail enthusiasts came flocking to their booth to try 'em and buy 'em.


Pro Tools


Digital Gap Trimmer Blades

IBS-LV 2024 best-selling products by Cocco

Lured by their micro-calibrated Digital Gap setting for close trimming and “touch and go” lining, barbers and clipper cutters replenished their favorite outliner blades at the Cocco booth (and yoinked a bunch of new Veloce pro trimmers as well).



HHP Pai Mei Shear

IBS-LV 2024 best-selling products by Hattori Hanzo Shears

Deluxe shears crafted with nano-powder microparticles don’t come cheap — just ask anyone who swears by Hattori Hanzo’s HHP Pai Mei Shear. Hair pros hit up their booth to test-drive the “Bugatti of shears” known for their strength and precision — and rock their event discount to snag one for themselves.



3600 FORZA Hair Dryer

IBS-LV 2024 best-selling products by Solano USA

Solano’s newest powerhouse has been available at industry events only, so it became a hot commodity among stylists interested in the dryer's tried-and-tested benefits: power, lightness, and durability. Solano USA owner Alan Kossof said the brand's newly minted "most powerful dryer" gives working stylists 6-7 years of full-time use.




Advanced Hard Wax Kit

IBS-LV 2024 best-selling products by Nude U

Waxing pros didn’t come to the Nude U booth to play — they walked off with all-inclusive kits, especially the Advanced Hard Wax Kit with the 6.6-lb Wax Warmer, 2 bags of hard wax, and applicators of all sizes — packaged up nicely in a cute pink tote.