Borboleta & Milady Team Up to Supply Lash Kits to Beauty Schools

In a move that signals the growing need for eyelash training among licensed cosmetologists, lashes company Borboleta Beauty and beauty education giant Milady are partnering up to provide student lash kits to cosmetology schools across the U.S.

The kits are designed to match the course procedures in the Milady Eyelashes curriculum.

The turnkey educational offering will usher in “an influx of more talented lash artists entering the industry,” says Borboleta CEO Mike Alexander. “This partnership is going to disrupt the lash industry to make way for significant growth.”

Alexander discussed the student kits and their potential impact on cosmetology education with American Salon.

Lash artist applying lash extensions.


AS: How many cosmetology schools will be using the Borboleta/ Milady student lash kits after launch?

MA: During Milady’s initial outreach, 117 schools expressed they would bring a lash kit into their schools if Milady were to partner with Borboleta. We anticipate supplying all 117 schools during the launch.

Milady believes we can provide our lash kit and corresponding curriculum to up to 800 schools over the next three years.


Any plans to expand internationally?

The kit is currently available in the U.S.  After the first year, Borboleta and Milady will explore taking the curriculum and lash kits to international markets. 


What is included in the kit?

The Borboleta and Milady partnership offers four tailored kits to accommodate diverse educational needs:

  • Lash Lift + Brow Lamination Kit
  • Classic + Volume Lash Extension Starter Kit
  • Classic + Volume Lash Extension Kit
  • All-In-One Lash Extension + Lift Kit

Each kit caters to both the school and the student, aligning with curriculum requirements. Their product breakdowns can be found here.

Borboleta Milady Lash Kit


What kind of education or training is provided for cosmetology instructors who plan to use this kit in their classes?

Instructors have access to Borboleta’s Classic, Classic + Volume, and Lash Lifting & Brow Lamination courses and certifications. All courses are offered online, in person, or in a hybrid learning model.

During this training, instructors learn creative new styles, tangible business-building strategies, and innovative techniques to ensure they can support their students every step of the way.


What gap is this filling for cosmetology schools?

With the increasing regulatory demands for lash services in different states, schools are challenged to find high-quality curriculum and kits that meet these standards.

By collaborating with reputable vendors such as Borboleta and Milady, schools can seamlessly introduce comprehensive lash programs supported by top-tier education and products. This makes it easier for schools to implement quality lash training.

Lash artist applying lash extensions.


How many schools teach lash and brow techniques as part of their cosmetology training?

While specific stats regarding lash and brow instruction within cosmetology programs are unavailable, the American Association of Cosmetology Schools estimates there are more than 1,500 beauty schools per state.

It is worth noting that only five out of the 50 states do not require licensure for lash services. This indicates a growing emphasis on professional standards, and the importance of comprehensive training within cosmetology/ esthetics programs.


Any projections on the number of schools that will adopt lash & brow education in the future?

We expect to grow into 650 to 800 schools over the next three years. The Milady and Borboleta partnership will also see growth as all 50 states are moving toward requiring lashes to be taught in esthetics and cosmetology schools.

As states require this, most schools will lean on Borboleta and Milady to support them with kits and curriculum.