In barbershops worldwide, more and more clients are opting for styles that celebrate texture and volume for a relaxed, yet polished effect. Here are trending full-bodied haircuts called out by the style experts at Men’s Hairstyles Today.

Textured Classic Comb-Over

Textured classic comb-over

Take the classic comb-over to new heights — literally and figuratively — with layers and styling products that add dimension and height. Longer layers at the top front section stack on one another for fullness, and the scissored taper at the sides leaves the hair just long enough for a glimpse of natural wave.

To style it, comb or brush the hair to one side from a hard side part, and use a round brush and blow dryer to create the volume at the front, if needed. Then, brush the rest of the hair down and back.


Mohawk Fade

Mohawk fade haircut for men

This fierce look has clean-cut sides and an edgy finish. The natural texture creates effortless volume and contrasts the sharp, faded back and sides to make a cool statement.

Add a shaved line or hair design into your taper fade for extra visual interest.


Short & Spiky with Tapered Sides

Short spiky hair with tapered sides

The tapered sides not only contrast sharply with the longer hair on top, but create a subtle visual disconnect and the appearance of fullness. A shape-up at the hairline and temple adds structure and sharp edges to complement the tousled texture of the edgy finished look.

Barbers often use a razor alongside their scissors to remove bulk, add movement, or both. A razor can also enhance texture by creating different hair lengths, which appear as spikes when styled. The cut is easy to maintain and style: apply pomade or gel to damp hair, then sweep it up and back with a comb.


Textured Crew Cut

Textured crew cut men's style

A literal twist on the classic “high and tight,” a textured crew cut is a no-nonsense, effortless style for those who want to look clean and fresh without much fuss.

The short hair is just long enough to retain some of the natural wave pattern, and the blunt edge high on the forehead serves as elegant contrast. Changing the placement and degree of the taper or fade can completely change the overall appearance.


Thick Fringe with High Fade

Thick fringe haircut with a high fade

The cut is relatively simple and consists of layers that are longer in the front but shorter at the sides. The thick fringe paired with a high fade for contrast creates a fresh, modern aesthetic. Take it a step further with very thin highlights to accentuate the texture. Style by applying matte pomade to slightly damp hair, then gently pulling and twisting sections of hair. 

“Barbers with clients who fit the aesthetic and have full brows can suggest an eyebrow slit with a complementary shaved-line hair design in the fade,” says Ana Roberts, professional stylist and editor at Top Trends Guide. “It’s a fresh look that will stand out.”


Brushed-Back Undercut

Brushed-back undercut men's style

This look works well for many hair types including fine or thin, and especially with salt-and-pepper hair since the streaks of silver can make the texture pop. Brushing the front section of hair upward, back, and slightly off to the side gives the style its shape, and the distinctive contrast between the top and sides gives the illusion of lift and volume.

Your barber may opt for a combination of scissors, clippers, and a razor to achieve the best results. A razor can add movement to thick or coarse hair, while scissored layers are better for finer or thinner locks. To finish the look, use a matte pomade or wax to fill out the top, and a wide-tooth comb to smooth and shape around the hairline.


Long Flow with Beard

Long, loose flow men's cut with groomed beard

Ideal for men who want to embrace their natural texture and length, with numerous layers to add movement and body. This long, loose style gives the windblown “oops, I didn’t know I’m sexy” effect.

Chestnut-colored highlights throughout dark, tousled hair provide additional visual interest, and the groomed beard solidifies the rugged aesthetic by accentuating the cheeks and jawline. A simple sea salt spray enhances the natural texture and volume.


Messy Curls with Undercut

Messy textured curls with undercut

This flirty, youthful style has with incredible movement and bounce. By layering the hair so the longest sections are in front, the barber can create a fringe of ringlets that frames and accentuates the face. An undercut keeps the sides and back short, which removes bulk and makes the style easier to maintain.

“Curls require a little more maintenance than other hair textures, so feel free to advise clients to avoid products that weigh hair down or amplify frizz by drying out strands,” says Carmen Moore, hairstylist at The Hairstyle Review. “I’ve also found a silk pillowcase or head covering can keep curls fresh and defined between shampoos.”

A quality curl cream ensures that the spirals remain tight, lively, and well-defined.


Side-Swept with Low Taper 

Side-swept men's cut with low taper

This confident look combines rockstar vibes with sophistication. The precise layers add volume and create a uniform rounded shape, and the texture gives the cut a dynamic, expressive edge. The low taper and subtle uniformity maintain consistency, and a fringe that barely grazes the cheek lends a rakish charm.

James Goodman is a licensed barber and was a barbershop owner in Los Angeles for 15+ years. You can find his take on the latest men's haircut ideas and hairstyle trends at