Five Questions With: Joe Flano of Major League Barber

If you’ve been to a barber show or competition lately, you've probably run into Joe Flano.

Flano co-founded one of the industry's biggest tradeshow hosts and exhibitors, Major League Barber, in 2001. MLB was created "by barbers for barbers" to elevate and unite grooming professionals through education, events, and pro tools.

It quickly became a leader in giving barbers greater visibility across the industry, building their community, and bringing more and better professional resources to barbers everywhere.

Flano gave American Salon a few insights about how he got to where he is today.

Joe Flano of Major League Barber


AS: What’s one thing you wish you knew before you became a barber?

JF: I wish I was told to save money and to spend more of my time and energy building valuable business relationships. Both those things are essential to helping you grow and last long in this great industry.

What’s the best piece of professional advice you ever got?

To do the work on building your character. Be willing to give back and to step up and be a leader. When you’re rich in character, people will notice and look up to you forever.

What’s one pro tip that’s been insanely helpful to you as a barber?

Always be on time and be consistent with how you service your clients. Yes, life happens every day, but you can’t let your standards drop. You have to prioritize doing what it takes to get through life's circumstances while continuing to deliver value.

Teaching students at Douglas J. Aveda Institute in Chicago.


What advice do you give to brand-new barbers?

That you've got to learn and understand the ins and outs of the barbershop and how it’s run, so you don't take anything for granted. If you’re not behind the chair, you should be trying to find ways to get people in your chair.

How do you fight burnout and stay fired up as a barber educator?

Go to industry events! Every barber or stylist can get motivated and inspired at trade shows. Connect with your people. Take classes. Find the latest and greatest products and tools that will upgrade your service.


Educators from Major League Barber taught Techniques to Elevate Yourself Into a Super Barber and Tips to Succeed in the Magnificent World of Barbering at the International Beauty Show – Las Vegas.