From classic to modern, the most effective haircuts for men are effortlessly fresh and easy to wear, making these 15 looks popular with barbers and their style-conscious customers in 2024.

While trends are always changing, these cool and classy hairstyles have become barbershop staples, playing off iconic looks but adding texture, volume and flow to achieve an updated vibe.

Trending haircuts for men
Textured Comb-Over with Mid Taper and Beard; Hard Side Part with Faded Sides (

Textured Comb-Over with Mid Taper and Beard

A textured comb-over is ideal for guys who like a relaxed and natural look. The bulk of the hair on top sweeps gently to one side from a deep side part, while the neatly trimmed beard adds brawn and masculinity. The mid taper creates an element of neatness and balances the look overall.

The cut is forgiving and easy to style with nothing more than a comb and some texturizing pomade or gel. Most men are choosing textured short to medium-length styles with some volume and flow, making the modern comb-over fade a natural option.

Hard Side Part with Faded Sides

A cut featuring a hard side part and faded sides is an excellent choice for formal events, casual nights out, and everything in between. Stylists use razors or clippers to emphasize the part line, which pairs perfectly with the soft transition created by the faded sides. After applying some extra-hold styling gel, comb the front section of hair up, back, and over to the side, then comb the rest away from the part.

“The hard side part is the quintessential modern gentlemen’s style and a reliable pomade or gel can provide the neat texture and hold necessary for all-day wear,” says Chris Wright, professional barber and editor.

Trending haircuts for men
Short Curly Hair with Low Drop Fade; Brush-Back with Undercut Fade  (

Short Curly Hair with Low Drop Fade

Anyone blessed with gorgeous soft curls can choose from various cuts to suit their texture, but a traditional short curly hairstyle with a low drop fade enhances the look. Leaving some extra length at the front section of the head shows off the natural curl pattern, which is easy to style with a matte cream. A short beard makes the curls appear to pop, and the sharp edges at the temple and the jawline add visual contrast that completes the look.

Brush-Back with Undercut Fade

A classic brush-back with an undercut fade is a rugged, casual, and voluminous take on a traditional slick back. The debonair cut is sporty with a hint of Ivy League, which makes it ideal for daily wear.

After applying a quality mousse to the bulk of the hair on top, use a round brush and a blow dryer to direct the hair upward and back. The undercut fade gives the look striking contrast, while a short beard or stubble lends strapping symmetry.

Trending haircuts for men
Afro with Mid Taper; Modern Quiff with Undercut (

Afro with Mid Taper

The modern Afro represents a shift for Black men’s hairstyles, from the high-volume texture of the 1970s to a more refined and sophisticated appearance. The cut features tight, well-defined, shiny curls alongside a slightly curved mid taper.

The shorter hair at the sides and back gives the illusion of more volume, while the short beard completes and polishes the look with its clean lines and edges. The simple yet attractive cut is relatively easy to style and maintain.

Modern Quiff with Undercut

The modern quiff is a contemporary cut perfect for guys who want to maximize their hair’s natural volume. The incredible height in the front requires several layering and styling techniques, and a traditional undercut at the sides and back creates balance and visual contrast.

You can wear this versatile and forgiving cut in several ways, but the current trend calls for a slightly messy and textured appearance.

Trending haircuts for men
French Crop with High Skin Fade; Textured Modern Mullet with Temp Fade (

French Crop with High Skin Fade

A versatile French crop looks fantastic on everyone, regardless of their face shape or hair type. The hair at the top of the head is brushed forward from the crown to form the signature textured fringe, then cut with scissors into a neat and uniform shape.

The transition into a high skin fade adds crisp, clean-cut elegance. The cut is tasteful and refined when worn with a clean-shaven face, a trimmed goatee, or a full beard.

Textured Modern Mullet with Temp Fade

A textured modern mullet is a low-key, muted take on an iconic style. Expert layers combine the shorter hair in the front and sides with the slightly longer hair in the back, and adding a temp fade pulls the cut together.

Because the style relies heavily on natural texture, it looks best on men with thick, somewhat wavy, or curly locks. Working some texturizing pomade into the hair from root to tip allows it to clump together naturally.

Trending haircuts for men
Side-Swept Crew Cut with Low Bald Fade; Spiky Fauxhawk with High Fade (

Side-Swept Crew Cut with Low Bald Fade

A side-swept crew cut with a low bald fade is a timeless style for men who want to look their best without spending hours in front of the mirror. Compared to a traditional crew cut, it features slightly longer hair at the top, allowing for the side-swept and slightly brushed-up flow. The look oozes rugged masculinity when worn with a low skin fade and a short, stubbly beard.

Spiky Fauxhawk with High Fade

A spiky fauxhawk with a high fade is a contemporary take on a hallmark bad-boy style. The short layers flow forward and up from the crown of the head to create the textured spikes, and the hard, shaved lines at either side separate the fauxhawk from the high fade below.

Popular with all ages, the cut is ideal for most hair types and face shapes and offers ample opportunity to experiment with colors like platinum blonde or silver.

Trending haircuts for men
Wavy Mohawk with High Burst Fade; Pompadour with Low Drop Fade (

Wavy Mohawk with High Burst Fade

A wavy Mohawk with a high burst fade is a subdued take on a classic exemplary cut that is simple to maintain. Although the cut may appear complex initially, it consists of precise layers that allow the natural waves to stack on themselves for volume and height.

The shorter burst fade at the sides gives the cut its shape, and styling is as easy as applying a curl-defining mousse to damp hair and then allowing it to air dry. Teasing the dry hair at the root can coax even more volume out of stubborn strands.

Pompadour with Low Drop Fade

The pompadour with a low drop fade is a popular cut that can vary in length and height, but it always features a long and prominent upswept bump above the forehead with shorter hair at the sides and back.

The hair just above the forehead is the longest and gradually gets shorter as it moves back toward the crown. The resulting stacked effect helps achieve the impossible-looking volume. Lightweight gel brings shine, giving the cut a more refined look.

Trending haircuts for men
Deep Waves with High Fade and Thick Beard; Textured Messy Top with Low Taper and Full Beard; Timeless Two-Block (

Deep Waves with High Fade and Thick Beard

Deep waves with a high fade start with working natural curls into rows of ridges across the head over a few weeks. The shorter hair at the sides draws the eye upward to the stunning texture, and the full, thick beard adds a rugged element to the look.

Wear a wave cap or do-rag while sleeping to protect the newly formed waves. Though it takes time, the resulting look is perfect for sports, formal events, and casual gatherings.

Textured Messy Top with Low Taper and Full Beard

A cut featuring a textured messy top with a low taper and a full beard is best for men with thick, somewhat coarse hair. The cut consists of several thick and choppy layers held in place with a strong-hold matte product, such as a texturizing sea salt spray. The low taper adds shape and keeps the hair off the collar, and a neatly trimmed full beard lends an element of virility and strength.

Timeless Two-Block

The two-block haircut is a versatile style consisting of two distinct hair sections differentiated primarily by length. Unlike a fade or taper, there is no gradual transition from one length to another.

Many stylists use a two-block cut as a foundation for other popular styles, and this look is excellent for men who like to change their appearance from one day to the next. For example, the messy windblown look is perfect for everyday wear, but a neat center part may be better for formal events.


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