Merchandising Tips That Pump Up Retail Sales

As a beauty professional, you are the biggest expert in your client’s life to recommend products for hair, nails, and skin. Why should you lose sales to retail outlets just because you haven’t put enough thought and attention to effective merchandising?

There is unlimited potential within a beauty business to increase commission for the team and improve cash flow by focusing on retail sales.

Regardless of space, a well-planned retail area will create awareness of products and plant a seed that can develop a desire to buy.

Merchandising refers to how products are categorized and grouped together to enhance them and encourage clients to buy. Effective merchandising views selling from the consumer’s point of view, and capitalizes on the fact that a huge percentage of purchases are made on impulse.


Inventory Best Practices

  • Continuously revise and re-examine all your stock levels. Place regular small orders until you have your stock levels correct.
  • Make sure you always have your best-sellers in stock. On the flip side: don’t pursue a sunk-cost fallacy by continuing to buy products that just aren't catching on.
  • If you are out of an item, remove it from the display and communicate this to the entire team, so they don’t recommend a product you don’t have.
Best Practices for Salon Retail Sales


The 3 P's of Merchandising

  • Products:  Going by the needs of your specific clientele: are you offering the right product types and brands? 
  • Position:  Are the products placed in the ideal location in the client traffic flow?  Are they prioritized according to best-sellers and hot items?  Are there potential "impulse purchases" at the front desk? Do you rotate products to keep the selection fresh and in season?
  • Presentation:  Are the products clearly priced? Do you use point-of-sale marketing materials strategically? Are all the products and displays (units, shelving, counters) clean, free of clutter, and aesthetically pleasing? 

You may need to take some photos of your retail displays from different perspectives to see your salon as your clients see it.

Remember that a knowledgeable team is one of your biggest assets for retail sales. Take advantage of free education by the brands you carry — they often will provide training materials or even complimentary classes so your team can learn all the product benefits.

And finally, check out your competition, or other retail stores where your client base is likely to shop, to see how they use all the “tools of the trade” such as samples, testers, and product information.

Get fresh ideas for displays, product presentation, and “silent selling” skills — such as ambiance, signage, and merchandise selection — to take back to your salon and put into place!


Liz McKeon is a salon business coach and founder of The International Salon Business School. She’s the author of 30 Days to Beauty Business Success. Liz can be booked for customized, in-salon coaching visits for one, two, or three days by emailing [email protected].


Liz McKeon, Salon Business Coach